A Historic Gift

An anonymous champion makes a $1M gift to Dimock's Early Intervention program

Anonymous Champion Makes Historic Gift to Dimock’s Early Intervention Program

This year, Dimock’s Early Intervention (EI) program received the largest individual gift in the organization’s 160-year history. What makes this life-changing million-dollar gift even more special is that it was generously donated by a Black woman—continuing the historic tradition of women leaders at Dimock.

New research shows that Black children are 5 times less likely to receive EI services than White children. Since Dimock serves a predominantly low-income community of color, the generous anonymous gift helps reduce these racial inequities by improving access to and quality of care.

The Dimock EI program offers families with children who have or are at risk for developmental delays a go-to resource at a critical stage of the little one’s life. The EI team understands that each family and each circumstance is unique. That’s why they work to support every child’s healthy development within their family and community context.


“For many years, I have admired the breadth of services that Dimock provides to families. This support for families who have children with special needs has been critical, particularly as our community emerges from the pandemic. I am thrilled to make this leadership gift to Dimock’s EI program. Based upon my own experience as a parent of a child who received EI services, I know that identifying learning challenges early is critical to ensuring that children get all they need to develop, thrive and succeed later in any school setting.” the anonymous benefactor shared.

Among funding other EI initiatives, this generous gift will help the EI team hire more bilingual staff to support the increase in Spanish-speaking families. These funds will also be used to hire staff specialized in autism spectrum disorder who can best support families as they advocate for their child and navigate testing and specialized services.

“This gift is transformational for families during a critical point in their young child’s development,” shares Dr. Charles Anderson, Dimock’s President and CEO. “We are deeply grateful for this donor’s caring generosity.”

In addition to visiting with children and families in their homes, EI specialists spend their time going above and beyond between visits to support the needs of the whole family by connecting them with other vital supports. An example of these supports could be making phone calls to help parents access resources such as diapers, food assistance, or even a playgroup. The Dimock team has determined that although this extra help is not reimbursable, it is critical to the family’s success. For this reason, these funds will be targeted towards these supports, as well.

Jessica Nuhibian, Dimock’s Early Intervention Program Director, knows just how important these resources are to the well-being of families. “There was a surge in specialized resources during the pandemic, but a lot of those have gone away. We are figuring out what’s next and what the services look like now to help to support these families. We want families to feel empowered to advocate for their children and their children’s needs,” said Jessica.

Natasha, an EI parent, expressed that she has benefited greatly from these supports. She has been working with her clinician to find a new school in an area closer to her home once her son Michael graduates from the program. The team has also connected her to important material resources that may not have otherwise been attainable, such as extra diapers and clothing for
her growing toddler.

“It’s greatly appreciated that Michael’s clinician Casara sends me text messages with updates about how Michael is doing in class. I appreciate those messages. . .. Anytime that I need advice, Casara ensures me that Michael will get to where we want him to be,” said Natasha.

Another EI mother, Jadore, brought her son Fernandel into the EI program with concerns about a speech delay after Fernandel had failed many hearing tests and was not speaking. Fernandel has been in the program for a year now and can now fully communicate. “I’m so proud of him, everything that he gets out of this program really benefits him and I. I cannot say that I have ever regretted signing him up for this program. It’s everything I wanted,” said Jadore.

“Every time that Joy, my son Fernandel’s EI clinician, visits is so special. Fernandel is always happy and ready to meet with Miss Joy again. I have endless appreciation for her. There are no words to describe it, she is an angel living on earth.