Behavioral Health

Our Behavioral Health Services provide our clients with the tools and support to heal. Our trained teams work together and with each client on their road to recovery.

Behavioral Health

Our Care

Care for Every Person At Every Level, Every Day

Dimock’s Behavioral Health Services are a key part of Dimock’s commitment to healing the whole person, mind and body. Behavioral Health clients have access to all of the Healthcare and Child & Family support services that we provide. We welcome individuals and families, young and old to come for care and support.

Where Care is Not Just a Word, It’s a Commitment

Dimock offers one of just 30 fully comprehensive substance use disorder treatment facilities in the state. Here, we work as a team to treat and support clients throughout the recovery process. Our clinical teams work together to ensure each client receives safe, medication-assisted withdrawal and support within a respectful environment.

Our detox services have served the community for more than 40 years and admit more than 3,000 clients each year.

Our Impact

“On a very basic level, Dimock saved my life. It’s given me peace of mind. It’s given me me back.”

– Jerrall, former resident of John Flowers Recovery Home

Our Services

– Outpatient Addiction & Recovery Services

– Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for substance use disorders

– Adult Mental Health Services

– Child and Adolescent Outpatient Counseling Services

Our Emergency Shelter Program houses residents for up to 120 days while we help them navigate the search for secure housing and other programs.

Our Acute Treatment Services (ATS) is a 39-bed, medically monitored detox unit for alcohol and opioid use disorders located right on campus. Clients stay with us for 14 days and then are referred on to a less intensive level of care for further treatment.

  • – Women’s Renewal – Clinical Stabilization Services
    • – Intensive care for 1-4 weeks
  • – My Sister’s House
    • – Longer-term residential and supportive care for women
  • – John Flowers Recovery Home
    • – Residential support for men for up to 6 months following completion of a detox program
  • – Askia Academy
    • – Longer-term healing community for men in ongoing recovery
  • – Ruth Kelley Ummis House
    • – Housing and intensive care management for women and children

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