Wellness in Recovery: Mind, Body, Spirit

Dimock supports residents on their own recovery journeys with innovative programs

Finding Wellness in Recovery

“Dimock saved my life. It’s given me peace of mind. It’s given me me back.” 

Jerrall, John Flowers Recovery Home

With the goal of breaking down barriers to care and correcting historic racial health inequities, The Dimock Center is meeting the complex health and wellness needs of all members of the community, right where they live. 

In addition to the individual and group therapy offered in each program, members of our residential recovery homes are connected with primary care in our Health Center, and many seek additional mental health support through Dimock’s integrated behavioral health services. 

We’re dedicated to ensuring that individual residents and families find the health care and the community resources that are critical to making those determined steps beyond our doors. 

Jerrall, John Flowers Recovery Home & Road to Wellness Participant

“Dimock sincerely saved my life,” says Jerrall Corning, a resident of the John Flowers Recovery Home. “Dimock has helped me repair the relationship with my wife and my five-year-old. I’m in the process of completing my GED through Dimock, and I’m about to find housing. Dimock has helped me to achieve my goals. But on a very basic level, Dimock saved my life. It’s given me peace of mind. It’s given me me back.” 

Prior to arriving on Dimock’s campus, Jerrall did not have a primary care provider. He was connected to one in Dimock’s Adult Medicine Clinic, received his vaccines on campus, and felt the healing power of community through his participation in the Road to Wellness 5K Walk/Run. 

“Being a part of the Road to Wellness was a wonderful experience. To be a part of a community is a beautiful thing. I love this community. I love Roxbury.” 

Coach Yvel Joseph, affectionately nicknamed “Coach Joe” by many Dimock residents, leads a twice-weekly fitness and wellness program for the residential recovery homes on our campus. This innovative program is generously supported by Reebok, who also supports the Road to Wellness 5K Walk/Run and Summer Training Series. 

“I approach fitness from a perspective of wellness: mind, body, and spirit,” says Yvel. Yvel aims to create an environment where those in recovery can build confidence in themselves, connect with their community, and feel good in their bodies. 

“What first brought me to Dimock was all the resources that they have for us,” says Lissette Santos, a resident of My Sister’s House. “I go to therapy here and I participate in the fitness program every Tuesday and Thursday. I’m also doing anger management and relapse prevention programs here. The staff here stand by me and never let me down.” 

“Coach Joe is phenomenal. He gives great advice, and he goes at your own pace. So many of us look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have seven grandchildren, and I can run with them now. It makes me feel good to be taking care of my body the right way.” 

Coach Yvel Joseph (“Coach Joe”)

“I approach fitness from a perspective of wellness: mind, body, and spirit”

Coach Yvel Joseph