Dimock MAIN Management Toolkit

Dimock MAIN Management Toolkit

1. Billing Codes Visit Modifier Template 5.5.21

2. Weekly Productivity Unlocked Actions Report updated 5.5.21

3. Productivity Dashboard Template

4. Billing Efficiency Template  updated 2.4.20

5. Org Chart Instructions

6. Dashboard Template – Denials Report, Waitlist Report

       6a. Dashboard Wait Lists  updated 7.8.20

7. Workflow Patients Access

8. Code Green Packet

9. Dimock Linear Program updated 4.6.21

10. Management Pillars Template

11. Defining Behavioral Health Roles updated 6.1.21

12. Distance Calculator

If you have any questions or trouble accessing any of the toolkit documents please contact Stephanie Ramirez, sramire3@dimock.org.