Dimock Center Serves Five Generations of the Golay Family

Dimock Center Serves Five Generations of the Golay Family

Dimock Center Serves Five Generations of the Golay Family

Rowena Golay started visiting The Dimock Center in 1987. At the time, she was a single mother addicted to drugs. She credits Dimock staff member named Lorraine with helping to change her life. Lorraine supported Rowena throughout her pregnancies, helped her apply for the WIC food assistance program, and was a big part of her recovery once she became sober. Over the years, Rowena has utilized a variety of Dimock’s services including Adult Medicine, Eye Care, Behavioral Health, and the Adult Education’s high school equivalency exam preparation program.

“I learned quickly that the door at Dimock is always open,” shared Rowena. “They’ve always been there for me without any judgment.”

Not only has Dimock helped Rowena, we have also supported family. She brought her children to Dimock’s Pediatric Clinic and enrolled her three youngest in Dimock’s Early Childhood Education program (now called Dimock Foundations for Learning). When Rowena’s daughter Shanice became pregnant as a teenager, she turned to Dimock. Shanice scheduled appointments with the Obstetrics and Gynecology department and utilized the housing assistance program. After giving birth, Dimock’s Pediatrics team saw Shanice and her daughter for appointments at the same time, providing convenient and integrated care for the multi-generational family. Shanice continues to bring her daughter to the Pediatric Clinic today.

Dimock was there for Rowena’s son Henry when he was diagnosed with Lupus and underwent a kidney transplant. When Henry moved from the Boston area to Cape Cod, Dimock made his health care transition seamless, giving him a referral and transferring his records to a facility near his new home so he could continue to receive dialysis three times a week.

“The team at Dimock follows up to remind us of appointments and check in on how we’re doing,” explained Rowena. “Life can be hard enough sometimes; Dimock makes it easier.”

Rowena has now been sober for 21 years. She has 10 children, 28 grandchildren and five great grandchildren, who all keep her very busy. Including Rowena, her mother, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Dimock has served five generations of the Golay family.

“The environment at Dimock feels like home,” said Rowena. “You never feel like just another patient. They treat my family like their own family.”