Meet Elsa Escobar

Elsa’s Story: “I needed to find a way to give back to Dimock, because Dimock has done so much for me.”

Elsa Escobar, a Roxbury native first came to Dimock when she was just six months old. Since then, she has remained a patient thanks to the outstanding, personalized care she has received throughout the years. Now, as Dimock staff members are on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, Elsa feels an even greater sense of appreciation for our physicians, nurses, clinicians, and other health center staff. To thank them for their tremendous work, and to support Dimock during this pandemic, Elsa is sending approximately 100 handmade cards with special messages to our health center staff.

Elsa and her eight siblings grew up in the Dimock neighborhood, and have been Dimock patients for most of their lives. Elsa also brought her children to Dimock when they were little, where they received excellent care from their pediatrician and our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Holly Oh. She hopes that when she has grandchildren, they will come to Dimock and that Dr. Oh will be their doctor.

Throughout Elsa’s years as a patient, she was grateful that so many Dimock nurses and doctors, like Dr. Oh remained. “Having familiar faces there every time that I visit makes me feel more comfortable and understood. I don’t know where I would be without Dimock, the way that they care for me and my family—I can’t find this type of care anywhere else.”

In thinking about all of the Dimock staff who have helped her over the years, Elsa was inspired to send them her beautiful handmade cards with specialized notes of encouragement for their resilient work on the frontlines. “I needed to find a way to give back to Dimock because Dimock has done so much for me,” Elsa said as she described how important this was for her. Now, Elsa is generously considering extending her services to help others who might be interested in receiving cards either for themselves, loved ones or, a group of people. She says, “I’m enjoying what I’m doing but would benefit from the practice!”

Elsa greatly looks forward to the time when she can visit everyone at the health center in person, especially her primary care doctor, Dr. Marjorie Janvier. “At Dimock, they know me. I’ve had an amazing experience there, and I wouldn’t change anything.”