Building Brighter Futures: Belinda and Robeka

Building Brighter Futures: Belinda and Robeka

Belinda and Robeka’s Dimock Story

“Robeka is my second chance. She is the rest of my life. Everything I do is for her.”Belinda and Robeka outside the Mary Eliza Mahoney family shelter

Belinda and her young daughter Robeka came to the Mary Eliza Mahoney House Family Shelter after Belinda had suffered a number of serious health issues. They had previously lived with a family member but that was no longer a safe environment for them.

Today, Belinda is focused on their future. Robeka is enrolled in preschool and with the help of a case manager, Belinda is working to rebuild her credit, an important first step in getting her own apartment. Beyond support for these basic needs, The Dimock Center is helping Belinda give her daughter the experiences she never had herself as a child, including their first visits to the zoo and the Museum of Science.

“Robeka is so smart,” says Belinda. “I want to be a good role model for her and help her know the opportunities she can have. I want to ensure my daughter doesn’t live the life I was living at 16 and 18 and 20 years old.”

“At The Dimock Center, you’re not just getting a shelter. You are getting involved. You are joining the Dimock family. Everything is accessible to us here.”

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