Child and Family Services

Our Child and Family Services division meets your family where you are. We provide quality education to support the development of your children. And we also provide support to ensure economic stability for your family.

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Our Programs

Our Child and Family Services programs provide educational and support services for families in different spaces and to address the different needs of our community.

  • Early Head Start – Center-based and home-based services to expectant families and children ages 0-3 years
  • Head Start – Center-based services for children ages 3-5 years
  • Foundations for Learning – Center-based child care for children ages 4 months to 5 years
  • Early Intervention – Services for children 0-3 years old with disabilities and/or developmental delays

While all programs are based on Dimock’s main campus, Early Head Start, Head Start and Early Intervention also provide services in the community and in clients’ homes. We work together with each other, Dimock’s Health and Behavioral Health divisions and community partners to address the needs of the entire family.

Our Impact

“Dimock’s staff talks to us as if this is not a job. They like being there; Dimock feels like a community, like a family. My kids and I have always sensed that. And now whenever my daughter has a concern about my granddaughter, she calls them anytime and someone always gets back to her in five minutes.”
– Lisa Freeman and family


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