Centering Pregnancy

Centering Pregnancy

Centering 2
Mothers in our Centering group

The Dimock Center offers Centering Pregnancy as an option for your prenatal care. Through “Centering Pregnancy, ” we offer a novel approach to prenatal care that uses a group-based model to promote the health and well being of mothers and their newborns. This group-based model enables us to provide resources such as lactation consultations and birthing classes in a supportive environment, often building a community vital to new mothers. Additionally, our department has two case managers who provide ongoing support to women during their pregnancies, postpartum period, and through their newborn’s first two years of life.  Our nurses offer adolescent-directed initiatives and care to patients aged 19 years old and younger.

How is Centering Different?

Centering 3
Newborn babies in our Centering group
  • Allows you to be more involved in your own care – you will learn how to check your own blood pressure and weight
  • Resources include case management, referral to essential     programs
  • Presentations from specialists in Nutrition, behavioral health and pediatrics
  • Partners and support people are welcome to join the group —
  • Centering respects your time – group starts and ends on time
  • Topics for group sessions include: Labor & Delivery, Breastfeeding, Child & Infant CPR Education

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