Campaign Friends

Campaign Friends

A Conversation with Peter Roberts, Dimock Community Foundation Board Member

  1. What inspired you to support Building the Road to Recovery?

There is nothing like Dimock and its fantastic team. If Dimock were not here, 17,000 patients and clients may have nowhere to go for support. We play a critical role and make a difference, especially being one of only two centers providing substance abuse detox services. It gives me great satisfaction to see people who have gone through addiction and recovery become dedicated, contributing citizens.

  1. Why is supporting substance abuse recovery important to you?

I, like many people, have been personally touched by this issue, sharing in the tragedy and sadness in my community when we lose young people to drug overdoses. This touches everyone regardless of where we live – in urban, suburban or rural communities.


  1. Please describe what makes your relationship with The Dimock Center special.

When I look at the superstars who work here, led by Dr. Jordan, I see dedicated physicians, nurses, social workers and other staff who give many hours to Dimock. They are deeply committed to their work on a professional and personal level. It is their mission to work at The Dimock Center, even though they could have many other opportunities given their talents. I give The Dimock Center team an A+ rating.